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Stuart and his team provided an excellent inclusive service throughout the process of selling our mother’s house. Stuart combined professionalism with sound guidance, clarity and courtesy, giving us an accurate valuation and helpful advice in the less certain Brexit market.

Islington Sales January 2017

The team at Hotblack Desiato have been excellent to deal with. Daniel and Jessica have been very professional and friendly throughout the whole renting process, and together have made it very simple and straight-forward. I would highly recommend Hotblack Desiato.

Islington Lettings October 2016

Daniel was extremely helpful and did all he could to be accommodating to my schedule. I’d arrived to London with 5 days to find a flat and secure a lease before moving here the subsequent month. Daniel took my situation seriously, and suggested places that were all worthy of serious consideration. Ultimately I literally found the perfect flat through Daniel and I couldn’t be happier. He made it happen.

Islington Lettings September 2016

We have rented several times in London and abroad and our experience this time with Hotblack Desiato was by far the best of them all. We dealt with Nathan Rosel who was pleasant both in person and in correspondence; he responded quickly to our queries, and accommodated our requests. We received an extremely detailed and accurate inventory for the apartment when we moved in. Overall, happy and impressed with the quality of service throughout. Many thanks!

Highbury Lettings September 2016

Hotblack Desiato are Islington’s estate agent – they’ve been in the borough for years and therefore know it off by heart. Not only that, they aren’t as pushy as some agents. We initially dealt with Jake Perkins who was 100% accurate when he predicted the type of person who would buy our flat. We then dealt with sales manager Stuart Shiers who is a nice guy and very calm (which is more than I was!). Hope they don’t mind me saying this, but they seem a little bit older than some other estate agents. I found this reassuring.

Islington Sales September 2016

Jamie was very efficient and really supportive throughout, he made all the process much easier to deal with than I had imagined. I was totally satisfied with the service provided.

Highbury Lettings September 2016

Josh is an Excellent estate agent, efficient, acknoledgble and very friendly. He also demonstrated to be a good mediator between landlord and tenant, taking a fair stand between us, which I am sure is not easy. From my personal perspective, I believe Josh cares the most about an agreement between two parties eventually satisfying everyone, placing the right people in the right property and at fair conditions. This is precisely what an estate agent should, and should love to, do. It’s nice to see people doing their job with true passion and commitment.

Camden Lettings August 2016

It has been a pleasure to deal with this company and with our agent Josh. I had the immidiate feeling that I can trust this company. After speaking to our agent Josh, I knew I could count on reliability, intelligence and attention to details. From the first moment I met this agent I hoped I would have found the right property with Hotblack Desiato and with Josh. I am glad this happened.
Thank you

Camden Lettings August 2016

Due to the fact that i’m overseas while settling this contract for the rent of the apartment, both agents are very helpful and patient with providing all the required information for the contract although sometimes it takes a longer time for us to reply. They really done us a great help in getting this apartment. Thank you and keep up the good job!

Islington Lettings July 2016

Daniel was helpful, responsive and organized. He was quick to answer all the questions I had, and was very transparent during the bidding process. Best of all, he found me a great apartment! Highly recommended.

Islington Lettings July 2016